Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seals and mergansers and garbage (oh my!)

Lee First, intrepid Field Investigator for the North Sound Baykeeper Team, shares her observations from kayak patrol on August 22:

"To escape the 20 knot winds, I paddled into the
lagoon between Mount Baker Plywood and Bellingham Cold Storage. It was my first visit into this area during a minus tide. I was surprised by the amount of natural beach area that was exposed, and by the amount of plastic garbage exposed around the edges of the lagoon.

Squalicum Creek (home to chum, coho, steelhead, and cutthroat trout, and site of the new "willow spring" restoration project) drops a couple feet into the lagoon into a maze of huge concrete chunks and rusty metal, as well as a derelict barge that is exposed only during a minus tide. I noticed two large flocks of mergansers in this lagoon.

Continuing into the Whatcom
Waterway, I observed 48 harbor seals resting on anchored log boom remnants along the GP waterfront - seals are common here, but I've never seen so many.

On my way back to Fairhaven, I noticed a floating derelict net, which I reported to the Northwest Straits Commission."


  1. Intrepid!!! and you get paid for that!

    Lee ... why not make your posts with your google account - then it won't say "Posted by Matt krogh"

    Must be time for a cleanup!

  2. Still figuring out how to share the blog...not sure we can? In the meantime, thinking maybe our Intrepid One should have her own blog page for field reports.