Saturday, December 25, 2010

Plastic for Christmas

I was surprised to bump into another plastic collector on Christmas day. I was stumbling along the rack line at Locust Beach, looking for lighters and fishing lures, when I ran into this fellow. I asked him what he’d found: some pop cans, water bottles, lots of bags, bottle lids, a plastic crate, a shoe, and a lighter. He kindly gave me the lighter for my collection. Then I asked him if he collected plastic often. He said “last summer, there was a beach cleanup here, and some really cool people had a table set up down on the beach – they inspired me, and now I love to collect plastic.” He pointed down the beach to the spot we had the table set up last summer. The people with the table were the Baykeeper team, a RE Store employee, and volunteers from Surfrider. Way to go, dude!


  1. Are you aware that recently a Japanese scientist developed a technique for changing plastic back to oil?

    It can be seen via 'Transition Whatcom' in Bellingham.

  2. I think I remember this guy from that Beach cleanup! It was a nice event! These things are well worth it.

  3. That guy is awesome--I've seen him planting trees for NSEA, too, for his kid's birthday celebration.